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Aston Martin
Mini Cooper
Smart Fortwo
power Dawn of electric era

Ride in an electric car is smooth and quiet, force delivered by an electric motor results in rapid and silent acceleration.
Electric vehicles provides an thrilling driving experience, significantly reduce air pollution and require less maintenance.
Batteries in EVs are designed for a long life, the convenient and inexpensive charging at home allows to take advantage of low residential electricity rates.
Range is the distance an electric vehicle can travel between charging, the range is the key metrics drivers should look at when buying an EV. There are numerous of public fast-charging stations available across North America.
EVs have fewer moving parts compared to gasoline vehicles, the electric car has one moving part, the electric motor, whereas the gasoline powered vehicle has hundreds of moving parts. The EVs maintenance requirements and costs are much lower.

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charge EV Charging
Level 1
Electric cars come with a cord set that plugs into a wall outlet at home, AC current 120 V - 20 Amp. The Level 1 is the slowest speed but the most economical of EV charging.

Level 2
Common level of charging at public charging stations or overnight recharging at home, AC current 240 V - 40 Amp. Electric cars in North America has the same charging standard J17772. Drivers can install Level 2 charging station at home to improve charging speed, fully recharge vehicle battery over night.

Level 3
Designed for long trips Quick Charge DC 480V - 120kW recharge battery to 80% in 0.5 Hrs

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